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    i mean there would be very nice photos around. but all of them are modified. we wouldn't know whether the photographer is really good or not rite?
    maybe critique corner is not the place to talk about this; but you can see my stand on this here; in short, post processing is only going to correct your image to a certain extent. what can pp modify? some amount of composition , if it is there in the first place, remove distracting elements, add contrast, add color, add vignetting.. but it will never detract from the fact that a good image is made even better by it; a mediocre image will still remain mediocre with it. some fields of photography probably need it more than others; if you are an avid fan of landscape photography, and have heard of marc adamus, lee frost, adam burton - all of them have some processing, but that doesn't undermine the fact that their compositions are superb.

    another much touted argument is that even with film, you can modify your photographs (even cloning, i'm told).. and many of the old and famous landscape photographers did that pretty happily, including the great ansel adams.
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