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Thread: EMERGENCY!! broken lens???!?

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    Default EMERGENCY!! broken lens???!?

    The worst thing just happened to me! My best friend borrowed my sigma 28-300, he didnt secure it well on e tripod and wham! it hit e grown and now e bottom part of the lens(lock, af/m switch area) is cracked badly, until e AF/M focus button dropped out. what should i do?? e lens is still okay, only e casing and the switch is damaged. where can i fix it? or should i just get a new lens. =(

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    May i suggest? if the lens not too expensive, i think its better to purchase a new lens.

    Feel bad for you....

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    it costs 576 dollars!!
    thanks anw.
    hmmm, if i am to buy another one, what kind would you suggest? im not so much of a zoom person, but i do use up to 85mm and slightly beyond sometimes.

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    Your options are clear
    a) bring to Sigma and request for quotation to fix lens
    b) determine if it is worthwhile to fix lens or
    c) buy new lens

    I reckon it is going to cost few hundred $ to fix lens and even if they can fix it, u will always have the lingering feeling that lens is not 100 %. So if the lens is a few hundred dollars - then might as well skip to step (c) and buy new lens. Hope this helps.

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    The lens has sacrificed itself to offer u an opportunity to buy a better new lens!!!!

    Just kidding!

    As zero said, get the quote from sigma, if not too ex, like $100 or so, can consider repair it. As you said, it's only the casing broken, so it probably won't affect the optics in any way.

    If the repairing is too ex like $200 plus, you may considering buy a new one, and fix the broken one with marking tapes....

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    alright, thanks alot guys! do you know where's e sigma service centre?

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    Default Re: EMERGENCY!! broken lens???!?

    Wow, you are so good to your friend not to ask him to replace one for you....

    Got address from forum here:

    Sigma Service Center
    Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
    3791 Jalan Bukit Merah
    #07-19 & 20
    Singapore 159471

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    eh.... did your 'best' fren offered to cover some of the cost....

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    Default Re: EMERGENCY!! broken lens???!?

    So, here's the risk of lending out your beloved photo equipment.
    My condolences...

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    Default Re: EMERGENCY!! broken lens???!?

    I'm a noob. Please update how much the repair cost is, if you're to have it repaired. I'm currently considering to get a Sigma lens and trying to factor that into my decision process.


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