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Thread: Most popular softwares for PPC?

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    Battery life is very good despite the fact that the battery is only 900mAH. With the LCD backlight turned off, I can get more then 4 hours of non stop mp3 listening. The screen is very bright, and I find it adequate to set the backlight to minimum setting for indoor use, hance saving battery life along the way too. And since the battery is removable, you can always bring along a spare. In fact the cradle has a built in slot for charging a spare battery in addition to the pda.

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    Add on to that... the Nevo remote control software that comes with the 2210 is great man.. now controlling all my devices thru the IPAQ.

    Use PocketTV for playing MPG Videos.

    Note forgetting MSN & PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer)
    Been surfing around a lot via GPRS..

    I can surf clubsnap with PIE... I'm working on a Small Screen version on my company's forum first, when I'm done, maybe I'll help to customise a style for Clubsnap.
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