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Thread: 'Out of Memory'

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    you can check if in The Panorama Factory if there is any option for you to change.

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    How many pictures are you trying to stitch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iltriumph View Post

    Please help.

    I've just upgraded my computer from P4 to Core 2 Duo yesterday. Now have 2gb of RAM. But still freaking having the same 'out of memory' promt from The Panorama Factory.

    Advice please?

    Thank you

    Have you read this from the FAQ on the Panorama Factory website? It deals with your problem specifically.


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    Dear Guys,

    I've solved my problem liow. Yeah! Hehe.

    What i did was to re-format my com to a 64 bit OS yet working on the m32 version.

    For all of you who had taken time to reply for the last 2 weeks, i thank you again. U have helped a lot.


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