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    Heard this frog calling at the garden pond in the night, after a sudden downpour in the afternoon. Found him on a lotus leaf in near darkness.

    Photo was taken with a D50, 50mm f/1.8 on a tripod. Frog lit up by a torchlight.

    I've put it using Rule of Thirds, and done some minor enhancements.

    Please do tell me where it can be improved, in terms of composition, lighting, PS, etc. Thanks!

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    Would be nice if you would have lit the whole frog and the DOF is a little too narrow for my liking. Good catch though.

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    To me, the narrow DOF is a nice effects though.

    Great and innovative use of TORCH LIGHT! hoho!!!

    There might be too much dark areas to the left and up portion, which makes the lotus leave too much sinked to the bottom...

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    framing is stunning but for such framing style,the frog shud have been totally sharp, from its eyes to to its legscz the blurr part of the frog is actually irritating the viewer wants to see more a closeup of the frog with long tele or a zoom cud have been better.

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    Thanks for your comments! I'll learn to watch DOF more next time.

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    My guess was that the TS was thinking since its night and the only available light source is his torch he put his 50mm to 1.8, which explains the DOF. However, it could be done better if he pushed up the F stop, since it was on his tripod and find something stable to hold on to the light source. This would have a sharper picture of the frog and the shallow DOF would not be so distracting.
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    in the spotlight, eh

    like others have mentioned, dof is too thin, maybe 2.8 or 3.5 will be just right..

    and if you had the time and your model was cooperate, angle the torchlight higher, right now is like deer caught in headlights, while has its appeal, i think the guy will look better when the light is shining down, just use timer if youcannot multitask properly

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    Thanks you night86mare, nigel84 for your tips!


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