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Thread: Some pics for sharing and comment

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    Default Some pics for sharing and comment

    Just To Share, Any comment will be noted.

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    The third pic is really good.

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    agreed, the composition and capture for pic 3 is really good! you really captured the moment and how beautifully the swans just lined up for you so nicely

    i like #2, kinda whispery waters...

    i can see what you were trying to do for #1 but background abit too blur.. just a lil bit clearer would be nicer and the flower is erm, not so beautiful but u cant control that right? lol u didnt create the flower so heehhe it just couldnt carry off the attention on its poor lil petals :P

    just some thoughts

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    First must thanks thoa_rs and eskie for the comment.

    For the first pic, the flower I can't really control I also hope it would be a more colorful one. But just happen to see it is at a good location for such shots. So I just give it a try. I intend to background to be blur, but I should have tried another one with clearer background as eskie suggested maybe it will be much better.
    BTW, I don't really know how much DOF I had when I press the shutter, I always just roughly est the DOF base on the F-Number. And using the DOF preview, the viewfinder sometime become too dark that I can't see much out of it. Any other way to know how much DOF I have before pressing the shutter. I'm using a flim SLR so can't really see the result right after a shot is taken.
    As for the third pic, I only intended to take the two bigger swan at the first place but before pressing the shutter, I notice another one coming into the scene fast so decided to wait for it to come into position. And only after pressing the shutter then realise that it is a DUCK. Apart from that the composition is what I had in mind. But I just find the water abit too dark, at the background. But maybe it is good as it seem to bring out the clean white of the swan (and duck).

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    ahahahah the CLASSIC story of the ugly darkling
    don't you look down on that dark
    it might one day turn into a beautiful swan

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    Nice pics and good effort, a comment bout the pic with the swan........u think might be better if u crop away the boats at the top........or if u had cropped this from a larger pic to leave more of the boat? Overall the pic still looks good though



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