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    Ok. Recently i went to catch prawns at Farmart.. it was my first time doing it so i decided to bring my camera along.. and snapped a coupled of pics.. One of it that really caught my eyes was this pic here..

    its basically the bait "Clams" being cut into small pieces.. the white piece of background is the cutting board which has an attached blade to it.. when i got home.. i thought about the theme of this pic... basically i wanted to capture how paying $24 to catch prawns using clams can really entertain us rather than spending that money in the market to buy prawns.. Lightings
    were bright there so had no probs snapping this pic.. i'm not really sure if the words match the theme of my pics..

    what u guys think about the pic.. Hope to hear from ya soon..

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    Sorry bro. Can't seem to make out anything from your small pic.

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    *squint squint* looks more like a flash trigger to me...
    I need a microscope.

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    Got it fixed.. sorry for the inconvenience caused..
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    It's quite OOF. Abit is okay for effect, but this is considerably OOF.

    Usually blood doesnt look so watery

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    i like to eat meat i am a meat eater.... though i love vegatables tooits not insane to eat meat the color of the nylon, the white background and finally the red blood are great colors and u have shot a colorful picture indeed had the color of the blood been more real and not diluted,had there been more blood too, i guess u cud have changed a non-veg viewer like me to veg.......

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    picture aside first, the caption is not done properly, it is very painfully unaesthetic

    work on finding a better font, and try to shorten the message, so long i ended up reading it more than i see what your picture is about

    other than that, a little more depth of field would be good if it is possible, and you can consider selective colouring here, if you want to emphasize the blood; perhaps a bnw picture with the red remaining - saturate it further, and your cpation shortened, with the word "blood" in red might work better.


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