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Thread: Exhibition at NUS Museum

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    Default Exhibition at NUS Museum

    Hello Guys!

    The photographic society of NUS has set up an exhibition at the NUS Museum from the 16th of June to the 25th of June. This exhibition consists of works from our students as well as works of photographers we've invited for our Montage 2003 Seminar and Workshop. The photographers include Geoff Ang, John Cosgrove, Fong Chee Wai and Raymond Toh. The works are hung on the walls surrounding our center peice, which is an installation of the works of the students.
    Please do come down and support our exhibition, as well as to provide critique and comments to the shortcomings or of any areas we have overlooked. Support photography, especially with respect to the students' works.

    According to the Museum, this is the first time students' works are being exhibited in the museum.

    See you there!


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    Default Re: How to get to UCC?

    For those who have difficulties finding the place, you can check out the map here.

    For those driving, you can exit via AYE - quadrant A1 on the map

    For those taking a bus, you can take bus no 151 and 96 (clementi interchange)- refer to quadrant B1 on the map

    Hope to see you guys there for the exhibition and workshops. As Keyou mentioned previously, it is the first time they are exhibiting NUS students work in UCC, so do give them some support.

    For any enquiry, please refer to for more details.

    Tuck Loong


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