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Thread: How to shoot silhouettes pics against sunset?

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    Default How to shoot silhouettes pics against sunset?

    I am always impressed by pictures of silhouettes (whether people, trees or buildings) against the golden sunset. Can someone offer any tips on how I can take such photos myself? I am using the Canon S50. I don't suppose the auto mode would work too well. What manual settings should I adjust?

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    Meter off the sky....

    maybe somewhere beside the sun...not too near tho...

    u could use the manual mode....or other modes if u can lock the exposure where u metered off den af on ur subject...

    PS: thats how i normally do it...but others may have other methods....

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    well the beauty of a digicam is that u can preview shots straight after u shoot it. so unless time is of the essence (sometimes it is, at the end of the day the sun sets really fast behind the horizon), u can always review ur pics and change the shutter or aperture, keeping one constant (in manual mode) until u get what u want.

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    i hope i'm correct on this one here....

    meter on your subject that u want to be silhouetted.
    Meter slightly off the sun (close to it). If the difference in metering is at least 2 stops or more, u'd get the silhouetted subject when u expose for the sky.

    Otherwise, under expose 2 stops for the subject metering and it'd turn out in the silhouette but i think your sky will be darkened as well (if the difference isn't two stops)

    I think. Sorry if it's wrong, but that's what i think it's supposed to be. Experts please teach proper technique.
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