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Thread: A Point of View - A Selection of Photographs by Devendra Bisaria

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    Default A Point of View - A Selection of Photographs by Devendra Bisaria

    After a successful debut in Singapore at The Arts House last september, Devendra Bisaria is bringing his works to the SG Private Banking Gallery, Alliance Francaise de Singapour. This exhibition will also include works not previously displayed. Limited editions of his photographs have been sold in Singapore and the UK, to corporates as well as individuals.

    Devenra's canvas is spread across the globe, from Mongolia to Argentina, Norway to Vietnam. His subjects range from people and animals to nature and architecture. The selection of works, spanning over 20 years, deliberately does not have a specific theme as he attempts to demonstrate the breadth and depth of his range. The freedom of perception and expression that Devendra champions are in all the images presented in this show.

    "When I take pictures I just try to capture what I see, something that appeals to me visually - it can be colour, expression, lines. What I add is simply my personal presentation of it. It's important to me that I depict the truth as I see it. My pictures are a record of emotions provoked in me by what I see and perceive in their raw essence," says Devendra.

    He firmly believes that all things have visual beauty to offer. Whather you see it or not depends on your point of view.

    Devendra's affair with photography began at a young age and developed into a passion about 12 years ago. His is a unique style - he is entirely self-taught, guided only by his instinct, an artistic streak and a drive for excellence. Devendra has lived in 8 countries and travelled to almost 50. Travelling remains his first love, and photography is a natural by-product. What started as a touristic preservation of experiences quickly grew into an art as his technique and observation matured together. He is a purist and remains true to what is captured on film - none of his photographs is altered in any way. Advocating simplicity and individual approach, Devendra is not bound by any rules of form, design or school - freedom of perception and expression are paramount to him. His photographs capture the truth and spontaneity of the moment.

    SG Private Banking Gallery
    Alliance Francaise de Singapour
    12-26 April 2008
    Mon - Fri, 11am to 7pm
    Sat, 11am to 5pm, closed on Sun.
    Admission is FREE.

    Alliance Francaise
    1 Sarkies Road, S258130
    Nearest MRT Station: Newton

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    Default Re: A Point of View - A Selection of Photographs by Devendra Bisaria

    went down earlier today to view the exhibition and also had a nice chat with the photographer himself, devendra, and his wife. a photo of devendra with several of his works:


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