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Thread: any good aircon to reccomend ?

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    Default any good aircon to reccomend ?

    would like to get an aircon system for my home, but don't seem like which to get...any recommendation for a sys 3 with inverter set ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Ang Mo Kio

    Default Re: any good aircon to reccomend ?

    Hello bro,

    If you are asking for air-condition system, perhaps can visit here since I guess the most important factor is the energy consumption.

    Performance wise, surely it would require yearly maintenance to work in optimal condition and keep operation cost low. Perhaps get a annual servicing contract along with the air-condition system with the vendor is a good option.

    Just to add on, during my attachment, one of the contractor told me that Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd are different. He recommended Mitsubishi Electric over the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. But I could not remember the reason since its about 1 year ago.

    Good luck.
    Let's get rolling :)


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