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Thread: Halfmoon Plakat (Black Copper)

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    actually, for betta splendens, I would think besides the fin, the flaring process includes them extending their gills as seen vaguely in this picture (exposed red part). This makes them look bigger (head on) then they usually are and this process is used to scare off other betta.

    I still feel that taking whole fish sharp is more important then just the fins. go parallel, shoot with strong lights on top or off shoe flash. You may experiment with white background for this fish since its a black copper.

    good thing is you manage to capture the iridiscence of the fish. nice colors.


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    Default Re: Halfmoon Plakat (Black Copper)

    Thanks for the comments! yea I did boost the contrast. You guys are sharp! This black copper is less den 5 cm long and moving so fast. I on manual focus also. Thus quite a challenge. Nonetheless if I have the chance to shoot this kind of shots again, I will heed you guys advise. to have full focus on subject.
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