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Thread: Underwater casing for LX2

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    Default Underwater casing for LX2

    Anyone know if an underwater casing for the LX2 exists? cheers!

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    Are you intending to bring it down for diving or just in the pool? If it's diving, there's two housings, Epoque and UK-GERMANY (which I can't get a search on).. if it's for pool.. then a marine casing like Ewa-Marine will do. You'll have to check if the housings are in stock still thou.. tend to cease production in a short period.

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    intending to take it snorkeling for my holiday in sabah. in this case a pool one will do i suppose?

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    Then the ewa-marine kind would suffice.. it protects the cam up to 10m but i don't suppose you will go that deep either..


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