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    hi guys how do u hold yr camera when shooing it in a vertical position i tried using my right hand to hold it from the bottom but my wrist feel very uncomfortable so i tried holding from the top which is more comfortable but more vulnerable to shakes...

    anybody can tell me what is the best way to hold in the vertical position??

    is it just me or everybody?? why do i feel like holding a camera horizontally is more stable than vertically anybody care to express his/her views on this?

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    the recommended way to hold it such that the shutter release is on the top which means your right hand on top too.
    But support the bottom (if held in vertical, so the left side of cam) with your left.
    maybe you can support a bit of your right wrist with your left hand, if u understand what i mean.

    Otherwise, can use battery pack...

    Hope i'm correct.

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