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Thread: Singapore Flyer Photo Contest

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    Default Singapore Flyer Photo Contest

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    Terms and Conditions

    2. Each Contestant must own the copyrights of the photographs submitted by him. All entries become the property of Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd. Entering this Contest means that the Contestant consent to the use of their name, address and/or photograph, without further compensation, in any promotion, publicity, advertising and/or sales and marketing materials carried out by Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd and/or Sponsors in connection with this Contest or other promotions and for general news and information purposes.

    tot of going but after reading the above got second tot liao.

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    pardon my noob question....

    in e rules, they never mention CANNOT post process the pictures. so does that mean that we can PS as much as we like after shooting and before submission?

    or by default, most photography contests do not allow u to PS the pictures prior to submission?


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