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Thread: BikeAsia - tips for newbie please?

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    Default BikeAsia - tips for newbie please?

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of going to the BikeAsia show tomorrow. I'm a relative newbie, I've done a bit of travel photography, but I've never tried taking pics at a show like this before.

    I'm hoping some of you "old hands" will share their tips on shooting at shows.

    Should I use flash, or is there enough available light to use my 400D hand-held? What would be the usual ISO you guys would use?

    Are you allowed to bring in a tripod or monopod?

    Do exhibitors mind you taking pictures, or do you need ask permission.

    For shooting the models, flash or no flash?

    If using flash for the models, is a flash bracket and off-camera flash a must to getting flattering pictures? Do you use any kind of diffuser gadgets like the stofen or Gary Fong devices.

    Any other tips?

    Thanks in advance to all of you. This forum is a fantastic resource for people like me!!!


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    Default Re: BikeAsia - tips for newbie please?

    A flash is normally required, but it is not a must.
    ISO really depends on the lighting condition. ISO 400 and above is normally used depends on lighting and how fast is your lens.
    A monopod is preferred and normally allow. If have doubt just ask before entering.
    Most exhibitors don't mind, but if you really want to be polite then ask permission.
    A lots of things can be used as diffuser. Whether it is self-made or bought. That
    one you have to trial and error.

    Happy shooting

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    Default Re: BikeAsia - tips for newbie please?

    Most likely u would need external flash cos usually the lightning conditions inside the expo are relatively dark unless u bump up more iso, usually as wat obewan just said 400 n above would be good.

    Bringing a monopod is much easier then a tripod since u can save the time for setting up the tripod, also prevent any knocks from others if u r using tripod.

    as for exhitbitors, just shoot anything u like.

    Flash r no flash on models, i prefer with flash using stofen.


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