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Thread: Cathedral & the Swiss˘tel

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    Default Cathedral & the Swiss˘tel

    Was around there just now... St. Andrew's Cathedral & the Swiss˘tel.

    Handheld shot, 1/250s f/11.0 ISO 100 @ 16mm, Manual Exposure, Evalutive mode.
    EF 16-35mm L, Lee's .6ND G filter + Mike Finn's Misty Glow PS Action.

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    omfg! ITS SO DREAMLIKE! i loveeee the hazy feel esp when it comes to churches and the like
    and the contrast between the architecture of church and hotel is just nicely done and all that time those clouds... lol i must be in heaven :P cept im looking up.. eek so i must be in hell looking up at heaven

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    O_o i just read that u ran it through a filter in PS
    ahhhhh SEND ME THE FILTER!!!!!!! :P

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    Lee's .6ND G filter and filter holder, you should able to get it abt 300-400 bucks at Cathay.

    As for Mike Finn's PS action, it's here:

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    hey thanks for the link
    (and yeah i was talking about the photoshop filter not the real one)

    hmmm well, did you actually pay for that PS Filter?


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