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    This is my first b & w try, I selected this out of my first two rolls, and did a bit post processing on it. C & C welcome.

    "Do you still remember that summer by the seashore? Do you still remember the promises we made to each other that afternoon?", just in case the chinese characters don't make any sense to you.

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    personally i wud have cropped this pic just above the couple and made this a horizontal framing cz the vertical framing, horizon,or the blurred ships,are not romantic enough,but just too boring

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    crop the top just a lil'? i'm not sure though, but i think a sun would have made the pic more outstanding.

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    I find the ships a little too distracting to the main focus of the picture, maybe you can crop it out?

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    To crop out the ships would be a big mistake. Notice the pattern of couples here, it's like a brain simulant to imagine; ships going to different destinations <-> couple can't be together etc etc "insert romance story blah blah".
    A good fit since you're already going down that way.

    It's too bad you weren't able to capture more detail on the couple, that's the letdown there.

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    looks great the way it is!
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    Some are just commenting for the sake of commenting. Only foxtwo makes sense here. This is not a posed shots, its called snapshot, capturing the mood in the mist of time. Vertical framing, cropping out and adding this and that will really makes this shot REAL boring.

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    Give the cropping a try. Crop about 1-2 inch about the ship, there's too much empty sky there. It makes the eyes wander. The original position of the couple is composed nicely try to keep that composition when u crop. And leave some space for your word. Personally adding some noise into a black and white picture will induce more feeling. it looks too squeaky clean...

    edit your picture hope you don't mind

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