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    Hey guys,

    This is my first post.
    I took this picture of my friends jamming at a studio and did a little photoshopping.

    Basically i was standing on a stool and aiming right down at the guitarist. Had very minimal lighting in the studio which explains the dark corners.

    I wanted to have a very Sin City look but playing around with the black and white color yet making the red outstanding.. So please tell me what u think of it.. thank you very much..

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    not exactly black and white as there's a tinge of purple but still works. the reds made the guitar outstanding. but perhaps you can elaborate more on what you want to achieve. e.g. mood?


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    well... this pic has certainly got me by the throat i like the purple tinge and red contrasting guitar, the whole background along with the pimply face of the guitaristeverything looks stunning but still there is something missing in the composition? its a top angle,so full image of the pimply guitarist shud have been thereor maybe the the guy is too conscious?to stiff? i really am stumped

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    Hmm. mood of the pic never really occured to me.. i was just practicing my photo taking and out of the few hundred pic that i took this was 1 of the best... but if i really have to describe the mood i would say that practicing for a preformance is tough work practicing over and over again causing a very sian 1/2 feeling but the guitair never gets tired of it.. it wants to be caressed and fondled with every single time u pick it up.. hahaha

    Thanks for your comments guys.. really appreciate it..

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    Hi Fox3111

    IMHO I think it is quite a good shot. Although the guitarist friend of yours looks abit sessile lethargic in this shot. Perhaps a tinge of motion blur can give it abit more life ?

    A pure black and white with a red guitar can stand out pretty well as well
    ( Makes me think of sin city with that yellow fella )

    Thanks for sharing once again

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