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    clueless about that you want to express from the picture.

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    i think wat pic is saying is" all the options of the photographer are down and out infact they are all tied up with barbed wire and dirty rags"

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    lol that's pretty far fetched.. to threadstarter.. will be good to exclude the flyover and buildings on the top.. and the trash below.. go slightly lower should be able to get that.. focus on the barbed wire and the words "option 1".. will get a compositionally stronger picture (though it still wun really have much meaning la~~.. unless you can tell a story out of it ^_^)

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    I quite like this.
    But crop away the flyover at the top. The rubbish quite unavoidable, but maybe include a little more foreground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesmun18 View Post
    clueless about that you want to express from the picture.
    Nothing to express really. I am just as bemused by the scene as you are.


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