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Thread: Is this flare?

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    Hi there. Can somebody pls help me. What is that white patch on the tree? Is it caused by the UV filter? Sorry if this is not the thread to ask.

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    Looks like flare to me.

    In such situations, I would take off any filters etc if it's not crucial to the shot, and I might wait for a different period of the day to shoot where there may not be such strong back-lighting. Or choose a lens which I know is very good at handling such situations. Some lenses tend to flare more/more easily than others.

    I'm not sure if removing or correcting flare is easily done in RAW/CS3, but I've seen the halo and conical type flare corrected in post.
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    maybe i should try removing the filter. i normally take an early morning walk during the weekend. used to shoot with the 50mm and now playing with the 60mm. snapping is so funz ... still loads to learn though

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    maybe its something else? whahahs, Shutter!
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