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    Taken with 20D
    ISO 100, f5.0, 1/100
    PP to b/w

    Subject is very camera shy, so could only shoot when he's busy packing. A familar face in Sultan Road. Comments welcomed for exposure and composition. Thanks.

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    first of all, what do you tink about the exposure and composition on your part?
    if you can share your points we can work on it together as well because we do not know if this was intentional or assume that it is your preference.

    the man is the subject, unless this is an obvious silhouette shot, don't leave his face in total shadows. once his face is lost, the viewer has nothing else to see. also his bags are all in the darkness, i dont know what is he trying to take, dont make the viewer squint or guess unless its an abstract picture.

    the moment is somewhere but not exactly spot on. his hand reaching for his bag tells something but what happens next? this could be a photo story too. with subsequent photos combined together of him picking up his luggage, the next scene him walking down the alley.

    as for the above suggestion, my advice for composition will be a portrait framing. this is to emphasise the length of the alley.

    hope it helps! a split moment can be a totally different picture

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    thanks, I find the details of the man lost also.... Also I've cropped it square to show him oblivious to the background crowd down the alley. Think I'll have to work harder on low light situations...


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