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    Photo taken under natural lighting at 1/2500s, f2.8, ev -0.33, iso 100.

    only cropping done. rest of photo relatively untouched.

    trying to give the feeling of a mysterious beauty, allowing you to see half the face and guess how the other half will look. in my opinion, the eyes are very nice and extremely 'soulful'. of cuz, to each his own.

    looking for comments wrt to cropping, and whether the photo can be considered a good 'portrait'.


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    eyes are the windows to the soul.....they say the sparkle in the eyes of the lady speaks volumes of the mood she is in i think that mischievous sparkle in here eyes is well caught by u cropping is too tight for such a extreme close up shot need space on the the soft light too.i can easily guess how the other half of the covered face looks

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    A portrait is to be able to identify the person within. Makeup, clothes, expression, skin/hair colour, lighting, composition, background, etc are all clues to who/what/why/where/how the person is. Thus for your 'mysterious' portrait, while it's easy to assume she is an attractive lady, there is nothing else that explains her appearance.

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    I wonder how the mouth look like.


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