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Thread: Me Gundam too...

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    Default Me Gundam too...

    1:100 scale MG RX-78-4.

    I am new to Gundam, so I am not familiar with the story at all. Just like fixing the models.

    Bought this in Taipei in Feb, and took around 3 hours to assemble it. Have not put on the decals yet. The MG models are really very detailed and flexible.

    Your comments on the posing and post processing are appreciated.

    This one has full punchy colours:

    The rest are desaturated with boosted contrast. I kind of like the effect because our visual system has lower sensitivity to colours under low light situations.

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    the panel lines are abit too thick, making the model look abit toy like. you could try a thinner marker next time. the poses look abit unnatural too

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    Default Re: Me Gundam too...

    Since its outer space setting, I would personally love to use a single flash to creat the uni-direction light effect to simulate the sun in a certain direction kind of mood. What do you think?

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    The model is from Gundam older series.
    Poses are not quite Gundam style, more like for regular modern solider.
    How come you didn't put on the decals?


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