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    Black White Film, "KODAK TMAX 400"
    Developed using Ilford RC Photographic Paper
    Both negatives and photo are self developed in a darkroom.
    Taken Using SLR, first time using then.

    Photo was shot and processed quite long ago, maybe around one year plus when I'm still learning Darkroom Processes (P/S: I'm not a photo student, just an elective). This photo was submitted as part of my assignment.

    Elusion, the act of avoiding capture.

    Constructive Comments Are Welcome. Sorry for the small image. The barefooted running kid, clearer on the original print.

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    black and white fr this pic is a mistake cz there is just black and white,no interesting shades to enjoythe walls on the left are leading the viewers eye out of the frameaway from the human element(the boy).....color wud have added that extra punch to the other wise dull black and white pic...color wud have added more detail to wats the boy upto?overall a dull pic with no proper interesting focus fr a viewer

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    i like this photo. i think black and white works well here because it focuses the viewer on the textures and forms of the child and the curved timber walls. there is also a sense of mystery here; who is the boy and where is he running to? would have liked to see a bigger image to appreciate the details in the photo, though. the running boy is a clear focal point of the image, well placed at the right third of the photo, with the curved walls both providing a secondary framing for the boy as well as leading lines into the photo, while giving the image a sense of depth with its repetition. good effort.


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