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Thread: Help needed for Digital Video Cam

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    Default Help needed for Digital Video Cam

    hi all

    i am looking to buy a mini dv.

    dont know which brand and model to choose.

    any previous experience and recommendation?

    looking at Panasonic or Canon.

    budget $1,300

    thank you and regards.

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    borrow your thread hor...hehehe

    what u guys think of the

    Canon MV650i?

    Any lobang? Where to get the cheapest?

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    no one has experience with video cam?

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    I actually just bought a Mini-DV Camcorder last week... the JVC GR-DX95EK. Quite happy with it and it is quite easy to use. Best bit is the size and weight. Paid 529.00 for it though but I'm sure it is cheaper in S'pore.

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    Muffy, don't know if this is what you want but my opinions.

    What to look for in purchasing a DV Video Cam:

    1. Advantage that the cam can shoot at 0 lux. This will enable you to capture videos with the luminance of a single candle light.

    2. Night shot is also an advantage. Turning on NS mode on the video cam can capture infra red like videos with no light.

    3. Able to capture digital still on separate memory card. Different manufactures use different cards.

    4. Large LCD and if possible mega pixel, so that you can clearly see what you're shooting.

    5. Some manufacturers throw in a IEEE 1394 card with the purchase of the video cam these days. This is added advantage over USB as the transfer rate from camera to PC is higher speed. If you want to do editing of the footage, scenes, scene transitions, background music dubbing, voice over, etc you will need to transfer the video to the PC.
    Video editing software is normally provided in the package.

    6. Have a camera that have a good lense and zoom range.

    7. Some cameras have a built in zoom mike. The capturing range of the mike is in relation of the zoom of the lense. Which means the mike is able to zoom and record audio from far away.
    Wind noise is unavoidable, so it's good to have a camera with a mike with a sponge mounted to minimise wind noise.

    8. As with still cameras, look for one with good quality optics. Buy video cam with reputable quality lenses, eg Canon, Sony with Carl Zeiss not Sonly lenses, etc.

    9. Make sure that the camera has shake stabliser. Captured video tends to be jerky at long zoom range, as in still photography.

    10.Size, this is an individual preference. Smaller palm sized video cams are micro DV.

    You will definitely always need to do some editing. What you shoot will never be good enough for viewing or showing to friends and relatives. This is in the same reality as in still photography, you can shoot 100 shots but not every shot is good.


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    thanks...still reading up on the canon cam..


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