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Thread: lens recommendation..need some advices

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    hi i am looking or a nikon mount zoom lens of range up to 300mm with a fast auto focus. As I am into wildlife photography, I need a lens with a considerable zoom and a fast focus to capture the motion of animals. Currently i have a nikkor 70-300mm G lens, but the focus is not fast enough to shoot animals in motion like flying or running. Of cos i could not afford the very expensive ones as I am only a NS man. Would appreciate any advice from u guys thx
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    Default Re: lens recommendation..need some advices

    speed N accuracy = more $$$.
    try pre-focus then.

    i suggest you save a lot of money first.

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    Default Re: lens recommendation..need some advices

    When you use the camera to drive the focus mechanism on the lens, the deciding factor on the focusing speed is the camera body.

    With better camera bodies, they will AF faster. Next best option is to look at AF-S lenses which is controlled on the lens itself and the speed will be improved over the AF and AF-D models. But the AF module will still play a part in getting accurate readings and good results.

    Plan accordingly... Your best bet at the moment is probably a 80-200 AF-S or lower budget would be the 70-300 AF-S
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