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Thread: Where is the Love?

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    People might be more willing to help if you can bring something to the table right?

    I tend to believe most people are nice and are willing to help you out, unless of course you've been labelled as someone who keeps taking and cannot give.

    Think about the last time someone that you felt belonged to the "taking and not giving" group asked you for help, then think about the last time someone who's offered you something ask you for help. Who did you felt more inclined to help?

    No doubt there are selfish people out there, and people who only know how to take and not give, but if we find ourselves constantly in a situation where people don't want to help us, then perhaps we might want to take a look at ourselves first and see what we can offer others before complaining about what other people can't offer us.
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    We have the *** Government to thank for this

    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    because we are brought up in "there is no free lunch in this world" way.

    So everyone believe in "you so nice to me, you must expecting something from me".

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    There is an inequality in the equation of being nice

    Nice people tend to be poor

    Selfish people tend to be rich!

    Although it is a generalization of sorts i realized that our rojak culture does portray that kind of message in our media although they try their best to let the heros win the day, they die most of the time.

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