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    I borrowed my friend's credit card camera, took a few pics of my room and found most of them unaligned and lots of grains and noise on the pictures, does these kind of cams suck or is it me? Will it be better if I took the pic in the day? And if I take pics in shopping centres or underground MRT stations will they still look like these? Thanks.

    Here's one of the "best" photo which I took..

    Ignore the mess.

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    If that camera is using Auto Exposure and Auto ISO setting, then it might have choose a very high low and low shutter speed. High ISO will produce some very obvious grain and low shutter speed will introduce motion and blur in the picture. One thing you can try is to set to manual ISO(50 or 100, just choose the lowest possible) if available and place the cam on a table or tripod. To sort out the alignment issue, use the LCD if avaiable (not the optical viewfinder) to compose the picture. Vary the Exposure compensation mode if available to adjust the brightness of the scene you see on the LCD before you take the picture. DO NOT USE FLASH!!! Use the timer release if available and take the same picture.

    If the picture still sucks, then its the Cam's fault otherwise....
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    None of those you mentioned is available. ._."
    It's a card cam with 3 buttons, shoot, change mode, and sound. ._."

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    do you know the resoultion.... any flash? model? brand..
    it probably like that... look ok to me..

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    Card cam? unless its those Casio Exilm, I was thinking it might even be a webcam type digicam.

    Does it have flash? Cos the shot looks like it was taken w/o one. Some webcam don't have flash.

    Casio's Exilm has more than just 3 buttons though.

    does it have an LCD to preview the pics? IF not, then most probably it's those webcam type digital camera.

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    It's the oregon scientific DS6618.

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    these cameras are toy cameras.


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