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Thread: Namecard Printers?

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    Default Namecard Printers?

    Did a search and came up with some REALLY OLD threads on namecard printing and the TSs all didn't reply to PMs. So would like to seek some help from you guys on namecard printers.

    My requirement are as follows
    - Namecard size 35mmx90mm (same length but smaller width than the standard size)
    - 4c offset printing
    - At least 350gsm card
    - Matte Laminatioin
    - Rounded corners

    I've tried printers from shops at Funan, Simlim, Peace centre, but they do not print on anything thicker than 250gsm. I know there are such cards (350gsm) and above out there because i have picked up some from local shops.

    Anyone has any idea where i can find a suitable namecard printer for my needs? Your help is much appreciated!

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    I am in the print biz. Most name cards, whether printed by digital or conventional offset are done between 250 to 300 gsm card stock. For most digital printers, most can't handle thicker than 350 gsm simply because of paper feed issues.

    I can immediately tell you your card dimensions will have problems trimming wise due to the narrow width. You should reconsider your card size. Good to be unique but it is an impractical size. What is the quantity you intend to print? PM me if you need a quote.

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    why not try the one at chinatown point? i think its on the fourth floor... the quality can be quite good depending on your specs and time you give them to do it... i think its called express print...(not so express if you have alot of add-ons to your card) they do hot stamping die cutting and cold laminate too if you need... but i think got minimum order for those kinda stuff... another decent shop is print 22; its located in amoy street there... just after the big hawker centre, near the rows of shophouses on the right side of the road...
    express print -
    print 22-
    not sure if this helps though...


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