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    Hmmm does anyone knows how much does the Olymus FE 300 (12 MP) cost ? Is there a price list from retail shops? I still looking at Audio House Trade in offer and considering my options Their trade in offer is

    Trade-In deal: up to $80 for old cameras

    Spotlight: Olympus FE 300 (12 MP)
    Usual price $549
    After trade in $469
    Freebies: 2 GB card x 2 , Camera Case, Extra Original Battery, Cleaning Kit, Tripod

    But i cant find any similar offers elsewhere, anyone know if there is any hidden terms and conditions? Like $80 is for perfect condition of something?

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    Oh and i was also wondering, what other options are there to trading in. For example any idea anyone how much i could get instead if i go to cash covertors? Or through the karang guni man hmmm or maybe selling on yahoo auction hee hee Where can get a better bargain? I.e better than $80 ?

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    And also i am looking for a camera below $500 , anyone know what the best your would recommend? My friend say Olympus FE 300 not too bad hmmm


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