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    Captured these discarded crockery at the now abandoned Marina South. Attempted to give a soft,warm look that suggests a bit of nostalgia. Sort of like the crockery looking at that ray of sunshine and remembering better days.

    Does the treatment work? I've contemplated this shot in sepia also but I think the browns and a tinge of colour gave a stronger feel.

    Is the effect better in sepia?
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    hey the pic does have warm and soft lookbut the dirty tiles make me cringenot my type of better days, i wanna remeber:bsmilie

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    hey there mate! Thanks for your valuable opinion on the look.

    This is not a picture of better days but more like the crockery have been abandoned in such lousy conditions and are hoping and thinking back on better days.

    Oh no...means my message is not strong enough I guess. Much appreciated though
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    I would have liked the picture be a little brighter so that I could see the crockery a little more clearly. I could not figure out what the items were except from reading your comments. But good idea i think.

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    Yeah I agree the crockery is a little hard to identify. I had to take a close look too before I took the shot.

    Much appreciated, blackpearl!
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