I guess togu, SS and the rest of our post are derived from the same point and I sincerely hope it will not offend the ones affected. Afterall, the crux of this issue isn't entirely weighed on the shoulders of those involved but if anyone of you felt offended (at least by my post), please accept my apology for being blunt.

Back to the main issue ... leeching ... there is a common perception by many that the Internet is a free place and that in this freedom, copyright is null and invalid. Though this theory is legally, technically and morally flawed, how many of us can say that this isn't happening? None I think ...

Now, one may ask, what is the best way to prevent leeching?

By education? Nope, I don't think so, there are some who will never learn.

By law? Perhaps but unless you think the legal fee is well justified, I think one shouldn't be bothered about this method unless he or she is so rich as to line those lawyers' wallets with such trivialities.

By using watermark? Another way but than again, what's the point of having a nice shot that is smeared with big, unsightly copyright messages? No point IMO.

Thus, I feel the best way is not to post all these sensitive shots in the public (ie. use private galleries, etc). In this way, one is able to achieve a balance between respecting the model/subject and also, an active prevention in being leeched.

This is better, ain't it?

Just my 2-stops worth