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Thread: Construction of The Singapore Flyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by deklan View Post
    driving use hp can get fine, driving take photos can get fine anot ah? hahah,
    theres one with raindrops i believe, on ur window, that sorts of fit in nicely although the rest are non-rainy days.
    too bad singapore only got sun or rain. it be kinda cool if there were more "seasons" capture along with the construction.
    nice work anw!
    Haha yah that's true. I better stop my habit of shooting while driving before I kena by TP officer. I have a tendency to shoot while exiting tunnels too.

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    I absolutely love this series. I don't care that it's blurred, or sometimes not fully in frame. In fact it adds to the series much more than if everything was clean and nicely composed because it shows YOU the photographer being involved in the whole process. It feels more personal and closer to heart than a lot of other works.

    for keeping at it too, you found a topic of interest and stuck to it, now it's paid off, congrats.

    edit: Can't say the same about your driving though... :P
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    i really thought it would be the best if u shot it at the same position.. then u can bring out the idea more

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