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Thread: The new Ricoh Caplio G3 looks impressive!

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    Default The new Ricoh Caplio G3 looks impressive!

    • Fastest shutter response time of just 0.14 seconds, faster than regular 35mm cameras.
    • Shortest 1cm macro distance
    • Auto bracketing
    • AVI movie recording with sound

    I couldn't help noticing the features of this Ricoh Caplio G3 camera. They look impressive and most important to me is the superfast response. It was advertised last week for S$499 at Best-Denki.

    But can't find any reviews any where. Should I grab this? Any owners can feedback? I just need a compact, point and shoot camera to capture active kids and so far my research has been disappointing for popular ones like A70 and Nikon 3100. Comments appreciated.

    More info:

    Sample images:

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    you sound like an advert for ricoh

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    Hmm... I did went to the webbie to see the sample images. Not veri impressive leh. A bit noisy.

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    Not advertising lah, me just a newbie seeking opinions from the experts here.

    How are the quality of sample pics? I like the macros but not so sure about the kid on the carousel pic.

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    How come only 1 comment on this camera, this is not really a newbie corner for the point and shoot folks?


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