ok my experience as a v-comd..the joys of being a clerk doing despatch. ok true got SWD, but the really zai drivers aka the ones who go DB most often for speeding, they know how to cheong.. the usual is disable the SWDs, but some can corner really fast...imagine minibus taking right turn @ 40...heng never tip over..

new 5tonner i think is engine cut once u reach 55 rite, but this bugger driver in my reservist unit, he will go neutral on downslopes along mandai road...then we would close in rapidly on the tonner in front of us in the convoy..like almost 80kmh...

another rover driver when i was in ROC..did 3 pt turn 1-handed on a 1.5 lane-wide mountain road...the S4 upon seeing that, immediately koped the driver to become S4 driver, and gave the CO the not-so-zai driver.

ROC army drivers are crazy, 'nuff said