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    Second Pic i have up here.. rest of those are in below thread...


    Picture was taken when i saw the ah pek walking over looking at the floor walking very slowly like in a state of trance....

    as per title... he seems to be in deep thoughts about what is going to happen to him like what is he going to do that day ...The picture sought to express the current mood and thoughts...

    Would the picture be better in black and white? should the crop be tighter to take out all other distractions?

    Thanks in advance for all comments..

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    ooo...i think a tighter crop and B/W is an excellent idea! to me it's literally begging for such treatment
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    IMO, if it's the ah pek that you want to the picture to be about, you should crop it tighter to only the ah pek. backgrounds are only neccessary if there is a special reason

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    yah.. tighter crop.. and maybe a different treatment.. my eyes were drawn to the chinese characters on the shop sign on the right when i saw the pic for the first time..

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    Alot of distractions especially the flag
    But the Ah Pek character is cool...

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    this man is probably 'walking over looking at the floor walking very slowly like in a state of trance' because he is looking out for obstructions more than anything else, with him being aged and his walking stick as clues.

    it doesn't speak to me about him being in deep thought, even if he is.

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    There are too many distractions in the background. You should blur the background so that we know that the main focus is on the man and not what is behind him. He is also a little too dead center, making the picture a litle too dull.

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    actually this is a well composed pic for me the foreground and the back ground compliment each other very well and they together enhance the subject totallyall the colors in the pic are soft and pleasing the leading lines in the fore ground are forming a frame within a frame around the subject i am wondering if this is a controlled shot or natural shot??? only the photographer can answer that i think

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    I'll agree that a tighter crop is needed. too much goin on in the top half of the frame. other than that, powerful picture ya got there.

    off topic, that looks like ximending!!

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    maybe some cropping to exclude some distracting things in the foreground that detract from your subject would be good.

    the picture also needs a tad more contrast; the cropping ratio here is also really, really, really weird, it is worse than 9:16, panoramic vertical crop?

    that said, this picture is simple as it is, it is a presentation of life, it is simple, and i like it, though i would prefer a more shallow depth of field, at the very least the subject would stand out more from the background.

    whether it would work well in b&w , why don't you try yourself?

    from left to right:
    cropped, with some contrast added and highlight/shadow work;
    desaturated version;
    black&white conversion with my favourite ratio in channel mixer, 60/30/10 and some sepia toning, more contrast added
    added some vignetting

    you decide if you ask me, i prefer the 3rd and 4th.. the distraction comes in the form of screaming loud colors.. if you want your subject to not have to fight for attention
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