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    looking to get feedback on this composition, an attempt to portray the lifelessness of a busy city.

    waited for the reflection of the sun off the windows to fall onto the buildings in the foreground to create some interesting patterns. the buildings at the side were deliberately left in the frame in an attempt to create an 'a peek into the life of' feel.

    white balance shoved to the warm end and contrast tweaked to make the light rays a little more distinct in post.
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    Default Re: city, still

    liked the framing/ cropping
    liked the mood, and the reflection you mentioned
    would have liked it more if the sky/ highlight has more details (but maybe you deliberately went for the wash out sky)

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    nice warm feel to the picture, i quite like this, but it needs a further correction

    the framing using two other buildings is not fantastic, but it adds somewhat - MAKE SURE you make the building edge straight, here it should be vertical distortion, adjust it in photoshop.

    crop it tightly at the top, so that the frame is complete and not suddenly ended.. i.e. chop off the top until the two buildings are literally fill up the edges, after adjusting vertical distortion

    other than that, good exposure, this is pretty well done

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    I think you captured the 'lifeless' feeling. I sure get that feeling when I see the picture. I could not get the feeling of a big city since only a small portion was covered.

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    ur top part of the pic is over exposedur lower part of the pic is underexposed busy city is totally into lifefull of life actually infact too much of life for my likingur pic surely reminds me of a ghost city,cold tones cud have been better than the warm tones..........

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    i dun quite understand newlife's comments.. the part on "busy city totally into life full of life actually in fact too much of life"..

    but in any case.. i think stillness and sense of lifelessness does not necessarily need cold tones.. (think the desert / deserted city in a texas cowbow film) =)


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