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Thread: I messed up my sensor

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    l bought a visible dust arctic butterfly from CP and was a little over enthusiastic to try picking out my 3 specks that were visible in my sky shots from my recent trip of the grand canyon. Opened the package over dinner, set the cam to M-up, whizzed the butterfly a few times and started heading for the sensor only realising after 2 strokes that it doesn't look like the sensor. Then i recalled that the M-up on the dial is not for cleaning and does not expose the sensor. Didn't think it was a big deal, went to the menu and activated the 'lock mirror up for cleaning'. After a few brushes, i took a test shot and to my horror, the whole sensor was a mess and i'm flying to sydney in 5 hrs for a wedding shoot!

    It was 7pm, so i left my food uneaten and rushed back to CP hoping its still open. Luckily they were just about to close but attended to my emergency. Examined under a lighted loupe and saw the most heart wrenching, depressing sight ever. Amongst the smears, i thought i saw a scratch on the surface too.

    I was advised to get a sensor swab with the eclipse solution to clean the sensor.

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    ah..must have picked up some grime when u brushed what you thought was the sensor. well the brush is now contaminated...never use for sensor again. to clean the muck of the sensor, will need eclipse and swabs.

    so how does your sensor look now after wet cleaning? the scratch still there?

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    When using the arctic butterfly, you also have to be careful about touching the side of the chamber around the sensor - this area contains a greasy compound which the brush will pick up and wipe all over the sensor - very easy to do too since when the brush spins it becomes wider. I personally wouldn't use the arctic butterfly and would stick to using Eclipse or E2 on some swabs if I really needed to do a wet wipe.


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