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    Default colour & brightness issue

    hi all,

    i do my post processing using adobe photoshop cs. i realise my pic appear differently when i upload to online photo host such as flickr. picture became darker & colour became very dull. i'm also facing the same problem if i view the pictures using the computer 'window picture & fax viewer'.

    my laptop lcd screen is not calibrated and i wonder is this the root cause of the problem.

    i also realise the angle of my laptop screen when i flip up affect the brightness of the picture viewed, so how does laptop users here overcome this problem?

    i've been trying to solve this problem for sometime but to no avail, can someone point me to the right direction, thanks.

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    Default Re: colour & brightness issue

    If you are editing your pictures primarily for online viewing then you should set your workspace in CS to sRGB instead of Adobe RGB.
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