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    I have MS Office and OO installed on separate computers at home, so far I must say that OO has been quite okay. Most of the functions that people use for everyday work are available on OO although it's in a less fanciful appearance. Haven't encountered any imcompatibility problem except for some formating changes to tabs and spacing.
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    when there's heavy editing and formatting from a microsoft file openoffice is sometimes unable to read it correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay View Post
    I don't quite understand. If your company has already bought the licenses for MS Office, it doesn't matter whether you dump it or not cos the cost has already been incurred. Usually offices has group licenses for xxx number of users. So it shouldn't affect your profit records.
    They may have been suckered by M$ into non perpetual licences. If they don't keep paying they can't keep using the (old) software.

    Microsoft have a problem - if every one has a copy of their software and don't see any compelling need to go out and buy the new version, where is their revenue going to come from ?
    The conspiracy theorists say that's why Office 2007 has a new file format....

    Microsoft have been pressuring their larger customers to go onto some sort of software 'leasing' program where you don't get a perpetual licence, but pay a fee every year for 'maintenance and upgrades'. But if you want out, you have to pay out all the copies in use or stop using it.

    You will probably find a lot of corporate accountants went for the MS 'leasing' program because of it's lower up front cost and now find them selves locked into handing over $$$$ to Microsoft forever.

    Software licensing costs me an inordinate amount of time and I'm only responsible for about 100 users. (Never mind the actual cost of the software licences).

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    Quote Originally Posted by skopio View Post
    when there's heavy editing and formatting from a microsoft file openoffice is sometimes unable to read it correctly.
    It's not the editing/formatting, its the use of macros.....

    MS Office's macro language is scarelly powerful. OO can only parse the simple stuff. Being able to parse the lot correctly would probably mean a complete implementation of Visual Basic and most of the Windows API !

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    I use NeoOffice.

    It's the Mac version of OpenOffice.

    Since I don't use Microsoft Office much, there's really no need to spend money on it.

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    I think actually Openoffice is sufficient 80% of the time.

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    We don't use most of the feature in MS Office. OO is more than enough for me.

    It is features rich.

    It will be good if we can help to compile what MS can do that OO cant.

    So far I cant find any...

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    I tend to like my M$ Excel running with all sorts of formulae on steroids. Haven't yet tried OpenOffice... any comments on formula incompatibility? Do they also imbibe all the stupid quirks of Excel formulae?

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