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  • 12-24mm

    103 48.36%
  • 10-20mm

    110 51.64%
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Thread: 12-24mm or 10-20mm?

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    Default Re: 12-24mm or 10-20mm?

    I used both lenses before, and I would go with 12-24.

    Actually there is not much difference to talk about. But the 12-24 wins with constant F4. On UWA lenses, there is not much bokeh to talk about and the F4 gives pretty good sharpness and large DoF already.
    Whereas the 10-20 lacks sharpness until I reach F8 or smaller. Throughout the zoom range, 18mm is the sharpest.

    Both lenses offer low distortion, I mean barrel and pincushion. As for rectilinear, you can't avoid it, and so I prefer to have 12-24 to 'prevent' me from getting too much rectilinear distortion in my shots.

    Another way is to keep subjects at the centre of the frame, where distortion is least. However this is not a practical method if you're doing full body shots. So again, the lens with least distortion, 12-24 wins.

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    Default Re: 12-24mm or 10-20mm?

    i of course choose 12-24 for its zooming advantage BUT there'll be a slight distortion
    at the side of your frame. sigma 10-20 would be the best choice then. good luck!

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    Default Re: 12-24mm or 10-20mm?

    i assume you already have 18-50 or 18-200 for wedding photography, hence this uwa is more for creative shots and cover-all framing.

    I have voted 12-24 because 10 is too curved and in a wedding you basically dun need tat.
    But to make your money worth, actually 10-20 is good if you like to take it to outdoor.

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    Default Re: 12-24mm or 10-20mm?

    surely you wld need another set of gear, besides either of the options.
    Having already a 24-70 and a 70-200, either of which wld be on set1...
    i would pick the 12-24 over the (sigma) 10-20, because of the IQ, for set2

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