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Thread: Question about cokin filter

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    Default Question about cokin filter

    Hi all, i would like to ask some questions before i purchase cokin filter. I heard that p- series holder is not suitable for canon 10-22 mm lens it will cause Vignetting at 10mm. And i help seek some advice from people said that using z pro series is more suit.

    I would like to hear any other comments from you guys. Thanks

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    Default Re: Question about cokin filter

    There will be slight but visible vignetting at the 10mm end when using the P holder system.
    Make sure you do not stack filters in this case.

    The Zpro website claims that it is free of vignetting from 20mm ( at full frame ) 10mm on your sensor that will be equiv to 16mm FOV... Maybe the way to go is the X-pro ?

    Never got any probs with mine since i handhold it exclusively against the lens



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