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Thread: Need to know what is life as a commerical Airline pilot

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    Default Need to know what is life as a commerical Airline pilot

    Hi forumers,

    I urgently in need to know what is life like as a commericial pilot.
    Need to know what kind of duties they have and their duration on the average.

    Hope to hear from a commericial pilot's point of view. If best, would like to briefly speak to you. So maybe you can pm me your contact or you call me @ 98563972.

    I am asking all these because the pilot has to sign a 10yrs contract and i am a bit reserved about signing such a long contract so i am to know more before making this important decision. Thanks.


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    No one wants to help?

    Still hopping for a saint to assist......

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    i tot of this too....but now the airline industry not doing very well.....


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    The foremost question is do you want to fly? Pilot training is tough and demanding. As to the ten years thing, it is necessary becos of the investment in the training.

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    It depends on the type of commercial flying, GA or heavy international?

    If it's heavy international (ie Airbus A300 or larger) then it's a pretty hard life, the medical examinations (vary from quarterly to annual depending on airline) along with constant testing in the simulator, currencey requirements and reduced slip times worldwide all take their toll on a pilot.

    It's not a glamerous life either ..
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