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    Hi guys

    I recently bought a 19inch PC monitor for use.

    Everything works well and looks good except when I load up Fireworks for my graphics editing. The pictures inside Fireworks appears to be 'dragged'. They're not in their 'normal' size.

    Can I ask how do I view the pictures as they are supposed to be and not 'dragged'?

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    you mean jagged, compressed look?

    fireworks isn't one of the best image software... if you view it at 100% its ok, but anything other that than will have this effect.
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    Just increase the magnification to around 25-50%. I'm using a 14" laptop and everything seems fine.

    Alternatively, you can download GIMP; very similar to photoshop. Saves you a lot of money as well. =)
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    Its not jagged compressed looks. Its just that because of the length of my monitor (Its long rectangular), the pictures itself gets dragged til they're no longer a 4" by 6". Hope Im not confusing anyone...

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    oh.. urs is widescreen... if its stretched, means ur are using the normal kind of aspect ratio for ur widescreen.. try and change the resolution that is recommended by ur monitor.. shud say it somewhere.. e.g. 1440 x 900... nt sure wats urs...
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