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Thread: Going to Vietnam soon....

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    Default Going to Vietnam soon....

    As per topic and I need advices...

    1: Safety : I will be going there alone, how safe is in the city? I heard you will be harassed by people there? What about the road safety?

    2: ATM : I heard it quite difficult to find ATM there? Is it true? So I have to bring more cash ( USD) there? Do I need to at least change some to Dong?

    3: Is electronic stuff there expensive? might be getting camera there.

    4: Any good tourist attraction that I MUST go?

    5: Hygienic issue , my colleague ask me to get malaria jab before scary??

    6: what else i need to know?


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    Default Re: Going to Vietnam soon....

    Vietnam is so big, where are you going?

    1. generally, it's safe enough to come back in 1 piece

    2. bring sufficient money. When you reached Vietnam, change some to Vietnamese Dong at the airport

    3. singapore is still a better place to buy camera

    4. it's a nice place....but it all depends what is your interests

    5. not really necessary, also depends on where you are going to

    6. it's a nice place, so go enjoy

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    Default Re: Going to Vietnam soon....

    1) quite safe to me.

    if ur have lost your way, ignore those pple on the street that approach you FIRST. they are usually vendors with drinks and gums and if they help u, u must help them too. u might spend some ridiculous price on a bottle of mineral water

    learn to cross the road

    2) no need to change to USD, S$ can use to xchange for Dong. change in the airport when u arrive. Lots of $changer in Dist. 1/3/5 but lesser in ulu area

    spend all Dong in viet.

    3) no point

    4) was at hcmc .. nothing much interest me

    5) don really need

    6) is a noise pollution country


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