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Thread: Recovering underexposed pictures

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    Default Recovering underexposed pictures

    Hi all,

    Just like to hear from you guys how you all do the above. If you are using the shadows/highlight tool in CS2, what do you use for amount, tonal width and radius to reproduce a realistic result?

    Do you all touch the color correction, midtone contrast and black/white clips?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Recovering underexposed pictures

    DId you shoot in RAW? if you shoot in RAW, u can adjust the exposure directly..

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    Default Re: Recovering underexposed pictures

    My experience:

    First I have to determine whether my picture is dark or under exposed. I see this from the histogram.

    If my picture is dark, or slightly underexposured, i.e still have enough shadow details, I adjust it using shadow / highlight tools and I use combination of amount, tonal width, and radius, to reveal all the details. Then I adjust the color correction, curve, etc....

    But if my picture is really underexposed, i.e lost a lot of shadow details, I won't do anything, since any adjustment will not really help to reveal the details. Usually I re-shoot when possible.

    And of course, shoot in RAW...

    My two cents.


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