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Thread: Need help on Compact Cam buy!!!

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    Exclamation Need help on Compact Cam buy!!!

    Hi all!

    I've a friend who wants to purchase a compact camera...after checking out with her requirements, I feel that it was hard for me to come up with a decision for her. Anybody here can give any advice based on the below requirements my friend have?

    1. Compact type (no AA battery type)
    2. At least 5 times zoom (to shoot construction site details)
    3. Budget from S$400 to S$500 max (nothing higher please)

    We recently went to a renowned camera shop and the salesperson promoted the casio V series camera. Its a 7x zoom camera which fits the bill very well...however, the picture quality stinks!!!

    Pls feel free to give your ideas or suggestions. In the meantime, I'm trying to convince her to get a canon, those series with 4x zoom.

    Thanks again!
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    Can try panasonic TZ series.. think most of them 10x zoom. Good quality pictures. Uses proprietary battery as well.

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    Default Re: Need help on Compact Cam buy!!!

    very difficult to find one if you want to have very slim and 5x optical zoom.

    OLYMPUS FE-310 is using AA-battery and it is very slim, the thickness is 30.5mm
    The good thing using AA-battery is when you low batt during travel, you can get temporarily replacement easily, before u have chance back to hotel to recharge.

    If you are using lithium ion, YES!it is slim, but when low batt, you have no chance to find replacement until you charge it again. Dont think of getting spare battery, after you charge the battery and not using it, the voltage will drop by itself.
    so the idea of using AA-battery is still much more convenient.

    FE-310 is the model using AA-battery yet so slim, note that it have 5x optical zoom with 30.5mm thickness.


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