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    Random photograph taken on the streets of LA....

    After taking it, I guess this photo from the wrong side of the traffic light is quite interesting.

    Imagine a person looking for directions, but standing on the wrong side of the lights. You can be so close to it, but on the wrong side and can't see it.
    Another perspective to consider could be looking at the contrails and how the lights are irrelevant to a flight in the sky.

    This pic was shot on a D300 in 14-bit RAW, and did some post on CaptureNX to add warmth and saturation.

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    Sorry Melvin, but this picture doesn't do it for me. Somehow, I don't relate the rear of traffic lights with wrong directions. And the clouds doesn't add to my understanding either.

    Examples could be a person reading an upside-down map or two people pointing in different directions.


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