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    Taken at a firefighter training session. Above photo was originally shot in portrait but cropped into landscape primarily to remove other distraction e.g. bits of a tree/car/building (and also my PS skills not up to scratch... ) Upped the saturation to bring out the red of the fire truck .

    Side note: In case anyone thinks the title is obscure, the line up of the fire fighters reminded me of a game I used to play when I was younger where mother hen will be in front and her chicks will be behind her holding onto each other and mother hen will try to protect her chicks from some evil animal...

    Any general comments will do - composition related comments and whether the cropping works appreciated!

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    why take the pic portrait 1st then crop it? if ur lens was capable enough, u shld have just taken it the way u would have liked it.

    also i find the reflection quite interesting. why not try looking out for similar things and using them as the main point of ur pic

    technique wise, exposure is fine, but the photo is blur, which is really quite disappointing because it isnt bad. i dunno the original colour of their uniforms, but in my opinion, the pic is a little too red overall

    just my 2 cents worth

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    the original pic looks like this

    i'm not skilled enough at cloning or removing distracting stuff out so i decided to crop the pic.

    didn't realise the photo is blur but with your comment in mind, i can sort of see the blur now. guess my shutter speed wasn't fast enough since the firefighters were walking.

    thanks for the comments, next time will focus and look out for a point of interest when i shoot.

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    I prefer the uncropped version though. Cos of the reflection from the wet ground

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    Hmm but does the uncropped one had the subjects too vertically centered in the picture?
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    Landscape orientation would be a nice shot


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